How To Clean Your Dryer Machine Deeply!

How To Clean Your Dryer Machine Deeply!

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Dryer?

Don’t ignore the importance of keeping your dryer machine completely clean, especially, it’s related to all your house security. As according to National Fire Protection Association, clogged dryers are the main reason for a lot of American houses fires yearly.

Even if a clogged dryer duct doesn't immediately do damage to your home, it'll waste your money in high electric bills and time in waiting your clothes to become completely dry. As your clogged dryer needs for more cycles than normal to can dry out your garments which pulls more energy and needs more time.

That’s why you need to remove all the lint, debris and dirt out of your dryer. We will tell you how to achieve the completely clean for your dryer!

Can I Clean My Dryer Deeply?!

We will tell you what exactly you need to know to clean your dryer effectively. To Be Ready For Cleaning Mission you have to;

Get These Tools;

· Screwdrivers

· small nozzle vacuum attachment · flexible brush with an extendable wand

· Dryer lint removal Kit

· damp cloth

· pliers

Follow These Steps;

Clean The Exhaust Hose From The Back Of The Dryer

· A dryer hose connects between the dryer vent on the back of the machine and a port that vents exhaust outside the building. To disconnect the hose you should unplug your dryer out of electric and move the dryer away from the wall.

· Slide the hose and the clamp off of the dryer by using pliers. If your vent is attached using a big pipe hose clamp, move the screw on the hose clamp counterclockwise with a screwdriver to loosen the clamp.

· Unscrew the hose clamp on the opposite end of the dryer hose, where it is attached to the dryer vent port in the wall, and slip the hose off of the vent duct. Remove the disconnected dryer hose from behind the dryer.

· Remove all the amount of lent by your hand then small nozzle vacuum attachment and Dryer lint removal Kit to determine that it becomes completely clean. That will improve the airflow of your dryer machine.

Clean The Back Panel

· Unscrew the back panel of the dryer to vacuum it from any lint by using small nozzle vacuum attachment.

· Be sure that you remove all the lint you find out especially at part which attaches to the exhaust vent.

Clean Lint Trap

· Clean the lint more than normal, as you have to clean the lint trap each time you use your dryer. But in this mission you will clean it deeply. After the cleaning you will use a small amount of water to pour into the filter screen that will test if your lint catcher becomes completely clean or not.

· If the water pools up rather than going through the screen, you have to pour more soapy water and by using brush clean it until water going into it freely.

Clean The Dryer Drum Vacuum inside the dryer drum by flexible brush with an extendable wand to get rid of any hair and grit and finally ensure its fully clean by using a damp cloth to remove hair and grit.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Machine?

One time a year you need to increase your laundry time to just 30 minutes to clean your dryer machine effectively. But it depends on the size of your dryer usage. If you use it a lot of times, it’s recommended to clean it 3 times a year.

Why You Need To Clan Your Dryer Regularly?

To Avoid Dryer problems you need to do this deep cleaning frequently. As each time you use your dryer, lint gathers in dryer vents. So you have to remove this lint from time to another.

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