Best way to clean dryer vent

Best way to clean dryer vent

Can I move my dryer up to attic?

It’s one of manyquestions that are related to dryer machines, we are asked.

As per The International Residential Code, it is okay toinstall your dryer in the house attic. But if you let the dryer vent inside theattic, it may lead to a lot of problems that contain fire hazard. Then,

Subtitle/ The problems ofventing the dryer in the attic

Dryerventilation means moist and hot air comes out from dryer, in order to dry yourdamp clothes by getting rid of this airflow. So permitting dryer to vent inyour attic, means your attic will face this hot &moist airflow. That willcause in damaging attic insulation. 

Thesituation will be more dangerous in winter, as attic is a colder area than anyother place in your house.

That’swhy the dryer pipes will be wet, catching lint and finding hard in getting ridof warm and moisture out of the dryer. So it will work harder to dry yourclothes. Which cause in pulling more energy and exhausting your dryer, shorteningits life span.

Besidethat lint accumulation in your attic may cause in fire hazard any time,especially there is blockage in the airflow as result of bad ventilation.


Subtitle/ The best way to keep your dryer upin attic

“Install dryer vent to vent through outside wall or roof” in case of installing yourdryer vent in an exterior wall, moist and hot air will find their way out ofyour house.

Sokeep in your mind that you have to guarantee outside ventilation for your dryer.If not, your house will suffer from mold growth, damages in house foundation inaddition this airflow carries lint debris, that you will breathe inside yourhouse and may cause in lint fire at the end.

“Install dryer ventcorrectly. How” as it doesn't exceed thelength limit. Installing long vent, means that airflow finds long trip to goout of your house. So some lint will place in the pipe within this long way. The IRC identifies a maximum length of 25 feet for dryer vents.


Thesevents have to be higher than any small animal can go through it and it should far away atleast 3 feet for any openings.


“Install the rightmaterial for your dryer” installing plastic, flex hose to vent the dryer can’t beinstead of installing aluminum dryer vent. As, plastic is weaker material than facingand getting rid of lint in a normal cleaning process, so that will lead to morelint buildup.


So airflow will be less and your dryer will be in overloads to dry yourclothes, taking more time and energy for the mission and you may find yourselfin fire as result of this lint accumulation.


“Determine the right place to let your dryervents” as we have mentionedbefore that” for your safety it will be better to install your dryer ventoutside your house”.


For that installationyour dryer vents to vent in basement or crawl space, means heat and moisturewill pump into your house foundation and lint risks will be inside your house.

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