How Do I Clean The Inside Of My Dryer?

How Do I Clean The Inside Of My Dryer?

The growing of lint, dust, and fibers inside your dryer leads to home fires. Therefore, cleaning the inside of your dryer is a very important process to prevent home fires. In addition, to get the good efficiency of your dryer, you have to clean it regularly.

In case you cannot remember when the last time you cleaned your dryer, clean it immediately. Even if your dryer takes much time than usual to dry your clothes or you find that your clothes come out from your dryer hot, these are signs to clean your dryer.

When you decide to clean it, be careful and disconnect the gas or electricity before starting anything.

Lint Trap Cleaning

Take out the lint trap and remove any lint in it. Then wash it with soap and warm water to get it clean. You can vacuum it and its area to get rid of any dust and dirt.

Wait until your lint trap becomes dry to put it into the dryer.

This step improves the airflow which leads to improve the efficiency of your machine.

Wipe Out The Drum

The drum has to be cleaned from time to time. Indeed, you put clean clothes inside it, but your drum can have residue from these clothes that need to be cleaned.

Moreover, you can vacuum or clean the drum by using water and vinegar. Keep the door of the dryer open till it gets dried.

The Dryer Vents Cleaning

Your dryer vent easily gets clogged with lint, debris, and dust. Clean it to get the good performance of your dryer. Remove the vent hose of your dryer and eliminate

any lint in it. If you find lint that you cannot eliminate, use a toilet brush to rub it and then vacuum it.

Furthermore, clean the external of your vent to get it completely clean. After cleaning it, you can plug it in again in your dryer.

You can replace your dryer vent with a new one if you need.

Clean The Exterior Of Your Dryer

To completely clean your dryer, care about its buttons and knobs as well.

If there are lint and dirt on your dryer, get rid of them by mix warm water with vinegar to clean the exterior of your dryer perfectly.

Useful Tips To Keep Your Dryer Clean

When you observe any sign of clogged dryer vent, clean it immediately. In addition, try to clean the area around your dryer to not have any bad effect on your dryer.

In case there is a melted candy or any unwanted thing inside your dryer, remove it. Overall, let it be a habit to clean your dryer.

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