Do dryers need to be vented outside?

Do dryers need to be vented outside?

Can My Dryer VentInside My Home?

What is the problem ofletting your dryer to vent inside the house especially that will help inkeeping the house warm in the winter?


That’s right, dryermachines get out hot and moist air that they get from your damp clothes to drythem.


However, this heatand dampness can lead to risks threaten you, letting your house weather in thesummer hot and humid, which makes your airconditioner works hard to modify the condition, pulling more energy. And in thewinter this warm air you get from the dryer will go out of your house as long you blow it outside. How?


WhichElements Come Out Of Your Dryer?

Your dryer machine is designed to get rid of moist and hot air out ofthe machine, leaving your garments dry. So what will happen if this heat andmoisture be inside your house! 

Subtitle/ Mold;

This moisture thatcomes outside dryer vents as result of drying wet clothes, can go through housewalls to grow and increase mold, causing respiratorydiseases that may lead to cancer and in some conditions deaths. Beside thatthis mildew will affect your house foundation.  


Dust debris can escape from dryer too and cause allergy attacks in sensitive individuals.


Subtitle/ Lintparticles;

Lint trap role can’t be achieved 100%, so some amount of lint can escapeto dryer vents. So these vents need to get rid of lint that can cause in fireinside your dryer. That’s why you need to clean your dryer from time to anotheras at least once a year.

Hence, this flammable material that comes out of your dryer vents cancause in fires outside as inside the machine. 


Subtitle/ Carbon Monoxide Poisoning;

Gas dryers vents poisoning gas which is calledCarbon Monoxide”, so if your dryer vent isinstalled inside your house and isn’t outside, it means this gas will leak intoyour house to arrive your organs and threaten your life safety.

 Even tinysmall amount can cause in number of problems, includingdifficulty breathing, vomiting and nausea, but may cause in death too.


Place Dryervents In Airy Place

That’s why you have to ensure that your dryer vents are outside,installing them in the roof or exterior wall, making sure that the vents arestraight without many bends to facilitate the airflow mission.

Make sure that theplace your dryer vents in isn’t container ofwater, otherwise the situation will be worse as lint won’t able to fly aroundin the air to accumulate in the water. Beside that the moisture which will bepumped into a bucket of water.


Be sure that crawl space or basement can’t be alternative placesfor out air place, as installing dryer vents in these places means, you put byyour hand moisture and heat under your house structure to damage, and fire yourhouse by your choice by letting flammable fiber as lint existing in your house.


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