How do you deodorize a dryer?

How do you deodorize a dryer?

Why My Clothes Smell Musty!

After your efforts in washing your laundry to be clean and smell nice, you shock with its damp, and musty odor after using your dryer machine! For that your laundry takes the most of your time and efforts, as you have to rewash and hang it to get rid of this bad odors. What makes this musty smell!

During drying your socks and fiber clothes, dirt and lint are released to your dryer machine, clogs dryer vents that prevent hot air from air flowing, What makes your dryer is the best climate for mold growth. As mold grows wherever it is damp and warm. Let’s know how we can get rid of this bad odors!

How Can You Fight The Musty Odor That You Smell Each Time You Open Your Dryer Machine?

Usually the mold is not in the dryer itself, therefore it’s necessary to check every part of your dryer to identify the cause and know well how we can deal with it professionally. We have to examine;

Lint Trap;

We have to clean lint filters each time we use the dryer. But from time to another we have to clean it deeply to maintain that the filter becomes free of any lint. The steps you need to follow are;

1. Plug off your dryer, Pull out the filter then remove any lint covering the surface of the filer by your hand.

2. Use vacuum attachment to wipe out all the lint then soak your filter in bucket with hot water and soap.

3. Scrub the filter by using brush in the soaped water.

4. Put your filter under faucet and begin to pour water to test if it becomes completely clean or not, as If the water pools up rather than going through the screen, small amount of lint is still in the filter.

The Drum;

Maybe lint places in your dryer drum that causes this musty odor, so let’s clean it by this way;

1. Use a brush to vacuum inside your drum to remove any hair, lint or debris.

2. Use a wet cloth or sponge and hot water in a spray bottle to rinse the drum and ensure that it becomes completely free of any dirt.

3. Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar to spray it towards drum and around areas, Vinegar is a natural and inexpensive way to get rid of odors as it removes all the bacteria, let is dry by air with opened door. It will take from 6 to 10 minutes.

4. To get rid of vinegar smell you need to use wet cloth with soda and rinse the drum.

What Enhance The Bad Odors To Increase All Over Your Dryer Machine?

Clogged Air Flow;

All dryer machines are designed to dry clothes by blowing hot air out of clothes then exhaust this heat outside the machine. If your dryer is clogged with lint and dirt, the air flow will weaken that causing mold to create.

So how can I examine that the airflow of my dryer works normally? While your dryer is operating, put your hand over the exterior vent. If you don’t feel that there is strong air flow, know that lint blocks it.


Water makes your dryer is suitable place for mold growth, and it carries the bad odors and spread it all over your machine too. That’s why you have to check it by smelling to determine if it carries any bad odor or not.

Finally, keep in your mind that mold doesn’t create just bad odors and musty smell, but it causes allergies too. That’s why you have to clean your dryer deeply from time to another.

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