How Can I Make My Dryer Work Better?

How Can I Make My Dryer Work Better?

If your dryer takes too much time to dry up your clothes then you must read the following article. Whenever you want to make your dryer work much better and even faster, there are few steps you need to follow:

· In order to keep your dryer work efficiently, you need to clean the Lint Filter each and every time you use your unit. You need to regularly clean the filter from any fabric buildup that will reduce the airflow.

· Make certain that the Blower Wheel is tight to the motor. If it is not attached to the motor then it will not make the air move faster to dry your clothes properly. If you heard annoying noise, then it is not placed in its place.

· Use High-Speed Spin to dry your clothes as much as you can before putting it in the dryer. The more it is wet the more time it takes to dry.

· Don’t over Load your Dryer because it may affect the motor, keep always the instructions guide bedside you to check the load's limits.

· You must place your dryer in a dry & warm room. It will act worse in air and cold places as your garage. Make certain that the outer vents are clear from any dirt or dust.

· Shake Out your Laundry before putting it in the dryer as may some items get stuck inside it as socks or something.

· After drying your laundry, keep a hot & dry towel inside it and then put your next load of clothes. By doing this, the warm towel will help the loaded clothes to dry quickly and help your dryer vent to work less put efficiently.

· Put Two Tennis balls while drying your clothes, will help you get soft clothes and speed up your drying process as the clothes are no more clumping up. By doing this you will never need to use fabric softeners.

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