How High Should A Dryer Vent Be Off The Ground?

How High Should A Dryer Vent Be Off The Ground?

Themost ignore checking dryer vent system, till they face fire hazard suddenlythat threatens their lives. So please don’t be one of 1500 homeowners who facehouse fires yearly as result of having non-examined dryer vent system with lintclogs. And this Statistic as per The National Fire ProtectionAgency reports.


That’swhy from time to another you have to ensure that your dryer machine is free ofany lint clogs, cleaning it totally at least once a year and its lint trap eachload.


Butfirstly, you need to be sure that your dryer system is installed in right way.In fact the most important part at your dryer system is dryer vent. So how highthis vent should be off the ground?


Thesevents should be high enough to be far away mice, squirrelsand other small animals. It should be far away winter snow too, in order toavoid it from snow blocking, which reduces air flow causing fires in the end.So the height really depends on where you are located.


Actuallythere are other instructions you need to follow, while installing your dryervent.


How Can I Install correctly dryer vent, Step By Step?


Choose the right material as, duct should be metal. Why? Plastic and vinyl catch more lint, require more cleaning and can reduce airflow. Also, they are easily crushed,which at final prevent the airflow and causes overheating the dryer, leading tolint fires.


Examine accurately to drill the hole. Why? Youhave to ensure that there aren’t anypenetrations like, screwsor wires. So you need to drill a test hole with a 1/4-in. bit, you will locate the hole and check for anypenetrations.


If the hole is a bit low or the cap doesn’t place in the ideal location on the exterior siding, youcan easily correct it by filling the hole andstart over at a different area.


If you’re cutting through a completed wall, open up a small position and check for wires, ductwork and other hazards before drilling.


Duct vents ought to be covered with vent cap.Why? As it have to be located outside in secure. That’s why after thehole is completed, slide the vent cap through, put it against the siding, attach it and caulk it.


If one corner is stronger thanthe others, the vent flapper won’t close up.


Place dryer vent near to the exterior wall.Why? The shorter dryer vent is,the most efficiency it will work with and the safer it will be.


Soyou need to choose direct route for the vent with less possible bends. Themaximum length of dryer exhaust duct shouldn't exceed 25feet (ca. 8 m) from thedryer to the exhaust vent in the wall or roof. And subtract 5ft (1.52 m). Forevery 90-degree turn and 2 1/2feet for every 45-degree turn for dryer ventinstallation.


Asyou need to evaluate the length of the run, note the bends, then buy the ductrequired. For example a dryer machine with a 90-degree elbow at the exhaustport and another at the top of the basement wall can run a maximum of 15ft(4.57 m).


Get a sensible Exteriorvents. What are these vents? These flappers open when dryer is venting andclose when it ends the mission, keeping the cold and pets away of your exteriorvents.  

Avoid openings. How? Exteriordryer vents should be far away any other openings like,doors, windows, other vents, etc. in a distance doesn’t lessthan 3 feet (0.91 m).


Locate your exterior far away these places. Whichplaces you have to avoid locating your ducts near them? Keep away your dryer vents from Attic, crawlspace, nearto air conditioning and A/C condensing unit.


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