How Long Can A Dryer Vent Be?

How Long Can A Dryer Vent Be?

To install dryer vent,there are professional steps you have to follow. One of them that you have toput in your mind to ensure that your dryer machines will work probably,avoiding any fire risks, is the distance between you dryer machine and the wallto determine the long of your dryer vent.


Hence, you need to knowthat this length affects your dryer efficiency and impacts your life safetytoo. As the more length your dryer vent is, the more bends it has. 


Since, for each 45-degreebend, you have to subtract 2.5 feet from the total length. And For every90-degree bend, deduct 5 feet. But what is the problem, then?


These length and bendsreduce the airflow, leaving the heat inside your dryer unit more time. For thatyour dryer will need more time to dry out your garments and this overheatingmay develop to be a house fire hazard your life safety.


For that The International Residential Code (IRC) SECTION M1502 CLOTHES DRYER EXHAUST guides that the maximum length of dryer exhaust duct shouldn't exceed 25 feet from the dryer to the exhaust vent in the wall or roof.



To know more about therelation between your dryer vent location from dryer machine and how it impactsthe whole process for the machine, follow the reading…


How Vents Manage Your Dryer Mission!


Subtitle/ Ventspick up moisture

Dryer machine works on picking up the wet out of your damp clothes by pullingall heat from them, leaving them dry and free of any damp. However, does yourdryer machine keep this heat and wet inside it?


The answer is surely no, but that in case it works normally. So how thismoisture finds its way out of the dryer! Actually, your dryer vents take thismoisture and the heat that come from clothes away of the machine but the wholehouse.


That’s why if this vent is too long the airflow will find hard to goout, walking long way and in common it may not have ability to end the road toplace inside the dryer exhaust duct amongbends. That will lead to…


Subtitle/ When Ventscan’t throw out the heat

This heat that your dryer machine role is to taking it out of wetclothes, find long trip to go out of your dryer machine that will cause inoverheating your dryer to finally flame. But maybe the external cabinet isimpacted with this heat which means hugs danger threatens your life safety.

 If this already happens to you, you have to plug your dryeron the spot.


The Right Place For Your Dryer Machine

The ideal place foryour dryer machine to put it on, is near anexterior wall. In this case your dryer vents will be as short aspossible, allowing short duct run.


Butwhat can you do if your dryer is inside a room and it’s hard to get it out thisroom. Then, you can move it to the roof or route itthrough the basement.


It will be better to keep the dryer vent running in a straight line too, asbends help lint to collect in your duct exhaust more and eliminateairflow process. Keeping dryer vents straight will extend the life span of yourdryer vent. How?


Using long dryer vent means the machine will work harder to get rid of the hot air, so this exhaustion it can shorten thelife of your dryer.


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