Should I clean my dryer?

Should I clean my dryer? From What Dryer Cleaning Protects You!

Have I to clean mydryer vent, while I clean my lint trap usually! It’s right that your dryer trapis the object which is responsible for catching all escaped lint from clothes.


But unfortunately,this tool just reduces the amount of escaped lint from placing at your dryermachine especially in dryer vent, however it doesn’t stop all of it.


So cleaning lint trapis right step that we have to do each time we use our dryer machine. But itisn’t the only process that can keep you in safe. For that when cleaning yourdryer machine you have to know the difference between dryer vent and dryertrap.


Then, the questionis; “from what cleaning dryer machine protects us?”


Subtitle/ How yourdryer machine works!

Your dryer machine isdesigned to dry your garments by throwing out hotair out of clothes to get rid of this heat outside the machine. So when amountof lint escape from your clothes and some of it cross lint trap to locate intodryer vents and this amount becomes bigger by the time, it affects the airflowing.


That permit this hot air to react withlint which increase the heat inside your dryer machine that cause in housefires.


Actually, that already happens each year tomore than 1500 houses in U.S which face horrible flames, as their owners don’tknow how dangerous letting their dryer machines without complete cleaning forlong time.


That’s why you are lucky person to knowthis info, but…


How Often Must You Clean Your Dryer?

It depends on theloading level of using your dryer machine. As if you use your dryer more thanone time a day, you will need to clean it not less than 3 times a year. But keepin your mind that you mustn’t let a year to spend without cleaning your dryerat least one time.


Keep in your mindthat your dryer machine may give you some signs to warn you from risk of flameswill be at your house near. So once finding these elements you don’t have tocheck from when you haven’t cleaned your dryer, to ignore cleaning it if thetime is less than the instructions.


Subtitle/ Indicators require urgent dryer cleaning service!

·       Yourdryer machine needs more time than which it used to take to dry out your laundry!

·       Afterdrying process, you find your garments is too hot!

·       Thedryer machine becomes too hot to touch each time you use it!

·       Whenopening the machine you find some lint and other debris in drum!

If you experience one of these alerts, you have to harry to clean your dryer machine. But “Howcan you clean your clothes dryer?”


How To Clean A Dryer!


Firstly allow us to offer you advice thatrecommends getting dryer cleaning mission from a professional cleaner, who havedone this service for thousands times to easily clean your dryer completely.


But if you need to know what exactly the stepsto clean your dryer, follow reading…

1.     You need to unplug your dryer to protectyourself from any electric and facilitate pull the machine out of wall.


2.    Begin thecleaning mission by cleaning the exhaust hose whichcommonly is placed on the back of your dryer, using your hand to remove all lintand other debris then you will need to use vacuum cleaner to remove the lastsmall bits of lint and debris.


3.    Thencleaning lint trap mission comes to clean it deeper than normal by taking itout the machine and remove all lint and small debris carefully using the narrow nozzle on the end ofthe vacuum.



At the end we use dampclothes to wipe the lint trap and the screen. Take care don’t switch onyour dryer until ensuring that your dryer trap is completely dry.


4.     In this step you will vacuum and wipe the drum where you put your clothes,using cloth to do the mission effectively.


5.  Cleanthe exterior of the dryer by sparing vinegar and warm water andwipe it, in order to remove all lint, grimes and other debris.


6.     Lie your dryer machine on its sideand vacuum out any escaped lint from the bottom to totally remove all lint fromyour dryer body.


7.     Then, clean out the dryer vent;


·       Use a flat headscrewdriver to unscrew the clamp to get thehose out of the dryer


·       Use clothto wipe the hoseand the vent wall and for totally clear for any debris existing in yourdryer vent use a vacuum cleaner. Avoid using any sharpitem to clean inside the hose as it maycause in puncturing the hole.

·      Cleanthe exhaust vent louver on the outside your home by unscrewing it and usea towel of paper to wipe it.


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